How “Lay” Is Your Lay Summary?

Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, and House are each cherished TV series depicting medical emergencies intertwined with tantalizing hospital drama. While the storylines may differ, each series shares a similar theme: Every episode begins with the presentation of a patient case, followed by diagnostic testing, and finally a diagnosis. Once the diagnosis is made, a healthcare professional diligently presents the case—stating symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. As soon as the patient is told their diagnosis, usually their first question is, “What does that mean?” While [...]


Hybrid Approach for Language Dubbing

Language dubbing originated in Europe in the ’40s. For the last 80 years, the model hasn’t changed much. Dubbing studios were, and still are, hiring dubbing actors to dub mostly American movies. These studios, mainly located in the larger European, Asian, or Latin American cities, have not increased their talent pool proportionately to account for the rapid growth of content to be localized. Most of the European dubbing countries have two or three main dubbing cities. Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville [...]


Compliance Investigations

Following the initial sense of “shock” when learning that compliance needs to be a formal programme, enterprises continue to struggle with challenges around implementation. Detecting risk, mitigating that risk and avoiding criminal liability are all vital to ongoing compliance with ever-changing antitrust regulations. Many early compliance programmes were implemented under aesthetic parameters. Significant doubt remains as to whether they will be sufficient to completely avoid sanctions. After the initial rush to cover all bases and avoid being behind the [...]